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All mentioned reviews are the original quotes from clients and commissioners.

Based on TED experience

Presenting On Stage is based on the experience of 12 years coaching and training of speakers on public stages as PechaKucha and TEDx.


Zsuzsa Bagoly
University of Debrecen · Division of Clinical Laboratory Science. MD, PhD

Jean-Paul was able to expand my horizons and gave me great tips on how to present and how to make my talk more interesting. After going through this process with him I caught myself identifying common mistakes in other people’s talks and understanding what makes others a “good speaker”. Everyone who steps on a stage should be trained by a professional. Jean-Paul has the key to get the best out of most of us.  🙂

Oana Cipca
Voorzitter Wanna’help Foundation en Business Development Manager Bij Mecc Maastricht.

Speechen is voor mij een belangrijk middel om een publiek te bereiken. De meeste speech-trainingen die ik had, concentreerden zich op de act zelf. Wat Jean-Paul doet, is anders. Hij neemt je mee door de essentie van storytelling. En leert je om je beste anekdotes te herkennen, en daaruit een verhaal te maken met grote herinneringswaarde. Ik ben mij nu veel meer bewust van de stuurbare impact van mijn toespraak op het publiek. Maar bovenal is Jean-Paul een geweldige coach en adviseur en ik kan hem zeker aanbevelen als inspirerende trainer.

Henri Stiels
Oprichter, Eigenaar Philips | Stiels, Schuldbemiddeling Mkb, Heerlen

Ondanks de reeds aanwezige enige ervaring in presenteren wist Jean-Paul mij de kneepjes van het vak d.m.v. prima voorbeelden te geven. Zeker aan te raden voor eenieder, die zijn publiek “een geschenk wil geven, dat nog lange tijd in herinnering blijft”

Caterina Casari
French Institute Of Health And Medical Research. Phd.

It was the first time I had a training on presentations and I found it very enriching and useful. Jean-Paul is extremely kind and he is great. I am quite satisfied with the result and I hope I can do better in the future. We worked a lot on the text and that was extremely helpful! Perhaps now I can say that it would have been even better to have the chance to discuss more about how to be on stage and do more practice! I realized probably too late that, at least for me, that was a very big challenge! Anyway it was a great experience and I absolutely recommend!


The range of programs and courses is tailored to the needs in consultation. But to give you an idea about the most common services, here are the most requested options. Feel free to inquire about other options, because anything is possible.

  • Speakers Training on Distance  –  € 800.- ex VAT

  • In-Company Speakers Training  –  from € 950.- ex VAT

  • College Training for Groups  –  from € 1,000.- ex VAT

  • Speakers Event Organising  –  from € 600,- ex VAT

  • Conference Support for 8 Speakers  –  from € 5,000.- ex VAT

  • Speakers Event Hosting  –  from € 600.- ex VAT

  • 50 Manuals Public Speaking Strategy  –  € 500.- ex VAT



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