Pitching is top sport.

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Even more serious than top sport

Because being second has no value

Jean-Paul Toonen Pitching

Pitching is even more serious than top sport. Because a second place has no value. How do you convince an investor? How do you get a jury on your side? Why does the committee choose your idea or research plan?

When pitching, you have to convince your audience in a short time frame. Usually about something invisible. A good idea, an expensive research project, an investment or a new product. Passion and inspiration are important, but certainly not enough. Because successful investors don’t just go along with a catchy story. They have the vigilance of a top model against a player. Holding their attention requires an extremely promising strategy.

It all starts with putting yourself in the mindset of your audience. And predict all their interests and their doubts in advance. But also building up your arguments in that precious time requires a flawless strategy. How to create a killer pitch and make it promising, is a profession that I love to share with you.

I’m specialized in Pitching
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The difficulty about pitching is that you don’t learn anything from rejections, because you don’t hear much about your mistakes, afterwards. Apparently you have underestimated the challenge and they decided not to continue with you, although there is a lot at stake.

I support pitch presentations from scratch to success. And I show the pitcher how we achieve our goal step by step. Such processes require strategy and communication skills. In recent years I have supported pitches for start-ups, science, requests for Dutch Veni, Vidi or Vici committees, applications for higher positions and various other pitch challenges.


In addition, I am one of the founders behind Smart Capital Network, a group of Dutch investors that reviews a lot of pitch presentations. So, for many years I feel at home on both sides of the table.

Pitching is fun because it runs on adrenaline and intelligence. But also on empathy, attentiveness, business intuition and a sense of timing. You need inspiring skills in such presentations. What I can promise, is that I will teach you to pitch for the first prize. And once you master that game, you can do it yourself in the future.

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What kind of pitch are you preparing


I work for scientists looking for funding, but also for entrepreneurs. I train administrators, Post-docs, start-ups and PhD’s. From job interview to entrepreneur pitch. And everyone is enthusiastic, because the method works immediately and super fast.


A few funny and some serious pitches

Coaching and Pricing

Coaching the preparation of a pitch is an intensive process, which you must start in time. My intervention can take several weeks to months. In most cases major interests are involved, so we only go for the win. Practice has shown that you have to estimate the costs from two thousand Euros. But it is possible to discuss the strategy, support and costs in advance. I am also happy to provide references by request.


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