We deliver all kinds of support in the field of Pitching and Presenting.

Organising events for live and online audiences.

Organising a successful event or online meeting requires detailed preparations.

We know all the pitfalls and smart solutions in this domain.

Stadsgoud public speaking event

Open Stage for creative ideas
Subscribers with creative ideas on an open stage in competition for the realisation budget.

We organised StadsGoud (City-Gold) for several years. The Elisabeth Strouven Fund provides financial support to initiatives from civilians in the Dutch South Limburg region. To encourage them to submit ideas, we plannend an open stage for brilliant drafts, looking for funding. Training, presenting, hosting and online streaming was included. The event was very successful and over € 400.000 were spend on social and community projects.

Interview for Online Audience
If someone prefers to be interviewed, I host the conversation and organise the stream to an online audience.

In this example I worked for a Rotary event during a COVID lockdown. The idea was to give a stage to artist Valentin Loellmann, who bought an historic industrial building and establishes his new studio there. In order to give this versatile artist the opportunity to explain his work without any preparation, the interview format was chosen. The online audience could ask questions about his plans, live.

Brightlands TEDx event at Campus

Science Stage for professionals
Hosting and organising a speakers platform with a curated line up of trained speakers

The Brightlands Chemelot Campus wanted an open stage for scientists and entrepreneurs in TED-style. I did the hosting of this event and organised also the recordings of all contributions, to reach also viewers who were unable to join the event in the campus. With the license of TEDxMaastricht we were able to offer the outspoken TED format.

Petra de Waal voor Limburg werkt met Jean-Paul Toonen

A safe Online TV-show
I organised a local studio for audiences on Zoom in the Maastricht region.

In an almost no-cost setting I organised a safe tv-studio during the COVID lockdown, to give a platform to regional entrepreneurs and administrators. By inviting interesting guests at Zoom, we were able to create a dynamic, open and safe tv-environment and stream. All editions were available on YouTube and supported by an additional website: 


The range of services is unlimitted. I only work with creative professionals who feel free to invent new solutions by request. And I also cooperate with other organisers of PechaKucha Nights or TEDx platforms. Feel free to inquire about other options, because anything is possible.

  • TV-studio on location, 3 camera’s  –  € 1.700.- ex VAT

  • In-Company Interview Studio for streaming  –  from € 1.700.- ex VAT

  • Hosting an event live or via stream  –  from € 1,000.- ex VAT

  • Speakers Event Organising  –  from € 600,- ex VAT

  • Conference coordination  –  ask for an estimate

  • Streaming interview with audience interaction –  from € 1.700.- ex VAT

  • Support with making videorecordings, vlogs and podcasts  –  on request



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