A three years old child dares to perform a dance in front of an audience. But a few years later the reluctance grows. And once mature speakers on stage will hide into a counter-productive autopilot, with a cascade of words that will not reach the audience. That idea of survival on stage can hardly be improved… we have to rethink the approach behind public speaking completely.

In fact, almost every presentation on a stage is a catastrophe. Because you rarely see anyone who inspires the audience. That is because once in front of a large audience we slip into survival mode. How do I survive these minutes, is the only thought. The consequences are terrible. Everyone – including the speaker – waits until it’s over. Zero inspiration.

Let's rethink the approach to public speaking

Once in survival mode our attention is entirely focused on avoiding blunders. We produce spoken text, but are at the same time completely distracted. ‘Maybe I have to step forward a little? Will I get that piece of paper from my inside pocket? ” While, as we present, we need full attention and an inspiring feeling. Because we are going to offer our audience something that is worth all the effort of listening.

from survival mode to inspiration

That’s why I in recent years have studied the best preparation for an inspiring talk, through research, interviews, literature and training. And since the very best speakers and their presentations have been online for over ten years now, I have been able to analyse and work out how to approach public speaking in an inspiring way.

Have you seen this journalist’s talk? Johann Hari is in a great inspirational mood. And he gives his audience something valuable. He’s no professional presenter, but is not afraid at all and is not concerned with avoiding disasters. Johann wants to tell us something special and takes that opportunity perfectly. Since his talk he has inspired more than 27 million viewers with his story.

Let’s rethink the whole approach

That is what we need: a fast method that gives us the ability to inspire others. And I do not mean: 35% improvement of your podium skills. No, I mean: let’s approach the whole concept in a fundamentally different way, so that you no longer experience any fear on stage. A healthy tension – like athletes before they set the new world record – is allowed, but definitely not a survival mode. What you need as a speaker is an inspiring flow without stress.

My new manual starts with these paragraphs and will be printed soon. A manual which I will use as a handout for everyone who wants my help. You can find more information about my approach in the blogs.