Training on a distance is super practical and effective. By Skyping at your favorite time slot, we have a natural conversation. And that is possible both outside and within working hours. In addition, we keep costs low, because nobody has to travel. Basically, two Skype sessions are provided. You can also expect detailed online support to help you with the preparation of intermediates. You will be ready for your performance within two weeks.

Jean-Paul Trainer coach Toonen

During this training no awkward performing in front of a camera is required. Because this approach goes via inspiration and common sense. We will have an amazing and interesting training. And so you learn how to prepare all your future speeches. Now you might think, how about my fears and insecurities? Well, be surprised, I promise that you will overcome all fears with a smile.

It would be effective if you have an upcoming presentation in the near future. To have a certain deadline in view. But if you don’t have a real challenging talk in your agenda yet, we can get started anyway. Let’s create a blueprint for all your presentations to come.
The costs of the entire training are € 800 ex VAT. If your employer, University, school or department provides for these costs, we are happy to make a quotation in advance. In many cases these costs are tax deductible. On Google you can see the reviews by previous students. And if you have additional questions, please call me.