The College Training provides a guest lecture on location. It’s a lecture about the basic strategy behind public presentation. Because no matter how professional our job is, without the skill of presenting you are not credible in this age of media and social platforms. Therefore with this training, young professionals can quickly learn how to speak in public.


The College Training is for large groups and takes approximately 2 hours. After that the participants are given a handout, which provides the practical steps to a successful talk. In addition the training can be combined with an Open Mic event. So that the students get the chance to test their new skills immediately.

The first part of the College Training deals with the analysis of proven success. But most importantly is the strategy towards a strong structure and content of your talk. Consequently the participants can get started right after this lecture. They will have stimulating guidelines on how to develop their speech. The aim of the lecture is to inspire people to take concrete, logical steps. So that from now on inexperienced speakers go on stage with great confidence. In other words they have a basic skill that can always be creatively implemented.

College Training requires preparation and is updated again every edition. The rate for a college training is € 1,000.- excl. VAT. The organizing client provides the hall and equipment for sound and screen.