If you face an application or if you want to make a plan find the perfect job, I can help you. Because applying for a position has changed radically in recent years. And there are several ways to increase your chances.

If the job market was a world of vacancies for decades, that mechanism is gradually shifting. So far applicants lined up en masse for that one desirable job, now they can almost create their most attractive job themselves.

mutual scouting

The modern employee doesn’t just wait for vacancies. No, let’s be venturous and make demands on a company. With that attitude you have the best chance of a perfect job. And I would love to show you how to get into that ideal environment. I therefore work successfully with various career counsellors.

Jean-Paul Toonen moderator bij Limburg Werkt

We’ll design your tailor-made strategy. Do you want to bring a portfolio to the attention of your favourite company, or do you have an existing vacancy in mind? Or do you want to increase your chances and skills in general? I’ll help you with a strategy that makes you feel strong.

your best future

The application training is therefore tailor-made. We are working on it for about three sessions (online or live). And the rate for such a training is € 800 excl. VAT. After that I’ll offer free lifelong support.