Speaking in public

Everyone can speak in public in a convincing and successful way.

Jean-Paul Toonen is a public speaking coach who offers a strategy that works fast.

A training with one purpose: you’ll be confident and in control on any stage.

Toonen has developed and tested an effective method.

An individual course in a safe setting, where you devise your own story.

Effective presentation skills will improve your professional career.

Specialisation: speakers coaching for scientific conferences.


Hi, my name is Jean-Paul Toonen

I have provided a podium to over 500 public speakers.

And observed that only a few of their stories stuck with the audience.

After that I analyzed the process.

Step by step I have unraveled the secret behind a successful talk.

I figured out that the shortest road to a great presentation is the one without stress.

You will love it.


My latest three blog entries.


It was an incredible experience for me, to get on stage and tell a story.

Thank you for all your  strategic view and involvement in the preparation of these sessions.

Jawel, het was een geweldige ervaring.

Beste Jean-Paul, enorm bedankt voor je geweldige zienswijze en begeleiding!!

Thank you for your precious help during the ECTH meeting.

Jean-Paul has a complete different approach, is a great coach and for sure I recommend his inspiring intervention.

It was a great experience and very informative, thanks for the coaching.

It was a great experience for me. I learned a lot and hope to try again soon.

Dank voor al je hulp Jean-Paul!
Het was genieten met een grote G!!

Dank voor je coaching en hulp. Wat een ervaring 🙂

Ik heb veel van dit optreden en jouw benadering en tips geleerd, nogmaals dank.

Nog altijd de vruchten aan het plukken van je strategie en  begeleiding.

Work and other projects

I am one of the entrepreneurs behind T36 Media, a communication company in Maastricht that helps clients build loyal communities, drive business and reshape mindsets. In 2009, after discovering the PechaKucha format, I started immediately – with others – a new PK-platform in Maastricht. After thirty successful editions, I also set up a major annual TEDx event in Maastricht, which I supported for seven years as a curator and coach. ‘Communication’ is in everything I do and I love to share my insights with others.


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