In my region most media professionals know me as one of the entrepreneurs behind T36 Media in Maastricht. A company for communication and video production. Fascinated by podium presentations I started a Pecha Kucha edition in Maastricht, as a volunteer and together with others of course. That became rather successful and after organizing this event for over thirty editions, I started also a TEDx stage in Maastricht. For most of the six editions I was curator and did again a lot of coaching. Over the years I was presentor coach for more than hundred speakers, most of them amateurs. And reading a lot about it, I discovered several essential things you never see in those books about presenting. I worked out a new strategy and helped a lot of PhD students who had to present their research project on a congress or symposium. My approach appeared to be very effective and was further developed over the years. Feel free to inquire about availability and costs, I love to help you.